Giving Credit Where It’s Due

If Wifey’s trip has taught us anything, it’s that giving credit to those who have helped us along the way, is so important to help maintain our community.  None of us could accomplish the things we have, without help from others.

Ex-smokers need to be thankful to the friend or vendor that introduced them to vaping, and to those who supported them through the process.  Vendors should be thankful to their customers and the manufacturers who make their products.  Manufacturers need to be thankful to the Vendors who stock their products, the people who provided them feedback and the customers who enjoy their eJuices.

To that end, we here at Miasma, have to give credit to people who have helped us.  In the beginning, we never thought that within a year, we’d be manufacturing and selling our own line of eJuices.  Honestly, we never thought it possible (let alone likely).  We were two ex-smokers who had no idea what to do, and were wandering aimlessly through a strange haze of techno babble and flavor profiles.  We were still on eGo style pens we got from Jujnovich Gifts & Souvenirs when we first met (via FaceBook) Marc Seidler of Just Ejuices.  He was kind enough to explain the Vaping scene more thoroughly, and helped us understand that the Vaping community can be a strange beast.

Marc pointed us to Johno of Vaporized, who in turn sent me my first ever Box Mod and tank.  Since that day, every time we pass through Auckland we stop and spend time at his shop.  Marc and Johno have been an inspiration for me and my wife.  We’ve spend countless hours just vaping and talking.  They’ve both helped me understand the fickle nature of the scene, as well as encouraged us to keep moving forward.  They’ve both provided invaluable feedback about our line of eJuices, as well as pointed out some of the serious pitfalls and ‘gotchas’ to be wary of.

Since those early days, we’ve met some great people.  No list of credits would be complete without mentioning Manu; Vance; Vaughn; Christian; Adam; Moxi and everyone else along the way.

Cheers guys.  I’ll be posting more in the coming days!

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