New Lease of Life – Thanks to YOU!

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I posted a proper update, and it’s well over due. Thanks for sticking with us while we sort it all out!

Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging! A special thanks goes out to everyone who has joined in the Waffles, and provided feedback with everything we’ve been doing. We’re really honored that you would choose to help us.

So lets get started with all the new info shall we? 

To start with, you’ll notice… we have a WHOLE NEW WEBSITE! Fuck yeah! I’ve been working my arse off trying to get it all up and running, and I think I’m pretty close to having it nailed down. We’d love to hear what you think of it. I plan on spending more time on it in the near future, to make it more informative and usable. There are a couple of problems that came with the move, the only ones that effect you as a customer, is that if you have purchased anything from us since we opened, the invoices are no longer available. They didn’t translate properly to the new server. The only other issue, is that if you had an account with us, you will need to reset the password before you can login. If you have any issues with it, just shoot us an email, or give us a call. We’ll sort you out straight away 

Next, you will notice that we’ve dropped the pretty graphics for the products (I say pretty, but my Photoshop skills are pretty crap LOL). The main idea behind this is to make sure you know EXACTLY what you’re buying. We don’t want you to have any doubt about the product you’re spending your precious fetty on. I’m taking photos of every single type of bottle over the coming weeks, and putting them up for you to see. We’re hoping it will help increase your confidence in us, as well as give you realistic expectations.

Well, we got our Label printer! How damned awesome is that? Most of you have already seen what we’ve got going on, and I think it’s hot (if I do say so myself LOL). At the moment, we’re stuck with paper labels, but we’ve got some clear plastic labels coming, that will lend a little more professionalism to the whole deal. We’ve only made a cursory design, and started using that, but so far everyone has said they’re awesome. If you think there’s something we can tweak to make them better, just let us know and we’ll try and incorporate it!

Concentrates finally arrived, and we’ve finally mixed up more stock. Keep in mind that we’re still only a small step past DIY, so we cannot afford to keep a ton of stock on hand. We hand mix every bottle, and let it steep in the bottle, rather than mix up a huge batch. This means each bottle is individual, and there will always be tiny variances from one bottle to the next. Think of it as character! That said, we’ve got the flavors everyone wanted back in stock. Namely Turnoble; Cookie Cannon, & Nuclear Waste.

Bottles… DAMN IT! Wouldn’t you know it? We finally get concentrates; VG and Labels in, and we run out of damned bottles. So we’re about to put through an order for over 600 bottles. That should fix that problem for some time. Until they arrive, what we have listed here as ‘In Stock’, is all we have available. We’ll post as soon as the bottles arrive. Promise!

Sample Packs have been high on our TODO list, but we’ve struggled trying to find the right 10ml bottles. Neither of us like the hard plastic of PET, and we wanted something easily usable. We’ve settled on Unicorn bottles (unless something better comes along) for now, and so far the 50ml and 100ml varieties are working great. We have high hopes for the 10ml bottles. When they arrive, we wont be selling 10ml bottles individually, as I’m sure you know the cost of eJuice has come down dramatically in the last year. It’s almost as cheap to buy a 30ml-50ml now as it was a 10ml last year. So instead, we’ll be doing Sample Packs, with 1x 10ml bottle of each of our flavors at a reasonable cost. At the moment, we’re tentatively looking at about $25ish for a pack of 6x 10ml bottles. More news on that when the bottles arrive and we can work on the numbers.

Where is the forum I hear you ask? Well, we removed it, as it wasn’t getting much use. It was kinda like having a parasitic twin that was more or less about to be surgically removed, it just didn’t know it yet. Dr WebDev got out his scalpel and removed it! Apparently, the surgery went fine, and will live a long and happy life. The parents are happy with the outcome, and looking forward to taking out on long walks on the beach.

Thats all for now, and as soon as I have more info, I’ll post it for everyone!

Vape hard!

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