The Work on the New Miasma Shop Continues...

It's been a long couple of weeks since we took over the building at 4b Redan Road, Kaitaia.

While I continue working long hours to fund the renovations, Wifey has been working extra hard to move the renovations along. 

This is just a quick post to show you the progress we've been making.

Thanks to Justin and David for their help.  They've really put the 'T' in team effort.  Cheers guys!

The things we've been through so far:

  • Wifey lifted the carpet in the front, only to find it originally had Lino down, and it was a patchwork of half ripped up squares.  After reviewing it a little closer, it was going to be near impossible to lift it, so we thought it would be better to just go over top.
  • While the carpet was up, we laid down the first coat of paint, we had a bit of an issue with a bad batch which made everything look blue.  After a conversation with the Resene paint mixer, it turns out that they had a bad batch of the base mix.  A few hours later and we had a new container of paint and we were off to the races.  It's a good thing we did it while there was no flooring.  I spilled a fair amount of paint...  Bad me.  Thanks to Justin who came and gave us a hand with the first coat.
  • Wifey and I are definitely not pro renovators.  If anything, we're EXTREMELY Amateur.  If you spot anything we did wrong, tell us, and we'll hang a hat over it or something.
  • Because of my work, I've not been able to get back to the shop, so Wifey has continued working hard to move things along.  We agreed on a flooring, and you can see that in the pictures above.  I like it.  I think it'll match the colours nicely.
  • The second coat went on today, thanks to David (referred by Shane) for the help buddy.  It's really starting to look schmik.
  • We experimented with Lino briefly, but it just looks dull and... well... boring.  We don't like boring.
  • We found out the toilet door lock is about as usable as a camel in the arctic.  It locks up just by turning the key...  Silly thing.  Thanks to Jimbo for giving us a key that actually works
  • We have a new table, and a basic frame for the counter top (again thanks to Jimbo), we like the reclaimed pallet timber look, and think we'll keep them as is, no stain or polyurethane.
  • Brian has helped us out by finding an old wooden door, and sanding it back.  He's clear coated it, and it looks awesome.  Thanks mate!
  • The flooring should arrive on Wednesday, and I'll be going down late evening to work on installing it.  I never realized how damned expensive it would be for a couple of floor boards.  It's a good thing I've been working so hard.  LOL
  • Wifey continues to grow our supplier list.  We've now got almost 80 flavors in stock!  How cool is that?  Thanks to Get Hooked; Shake and Vape; Battledrop; Deep South; Jedi Juices; Liquid Crafters, adn P J Vapes for jumping on board.  You guys really make this move possible.
  • Finally, people have started to take notice - Something is happening in that shop that's been vacant for so long...

More to come :D

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