Year #1 - Completed!

That's right!  We made it!  1 whole year, and we're still going strong!

We couldn't have done it without all of you.  Thank you, sincerely, thank you.

So what's been happening with us?  Well, we've been growing slowly and carefully.  We're still not advertising in local publications or noticeboards.  This has worked well for us.  The word of mouth has allowed us to grow with demand, leading to a steady growth.  This means we didn't have to invest huge amounts in hardware, accessories and eLiquids.

Some great things are coming this year.  Some major changes to the way we run the shop.  We gave everyone a taste of our Miasma range of eLiquids at 510... it's coming back permanently!  In the next month or so, we're converting one of the offices at the shop, ready for migration to an ISO lab.  We'll also be converting the other office to a stock room, allowing us to keep more in stock, and run out of products less often.  It also means we may be able to do some other really cool things...  *wink*  We'll keep you posted...

Our wholesalers and vendors have been really supportive and helpful.  They helped us get to Vape day, and provided us with a lot of product to show off.  It was really humbling.

On that note, we're really stoked we made it to 510 in Auckland this year.  It was a tight fit for everyone. Ultimately we met a heap of new people, and got to proudly display and sell not only our own range of eLiquids, but also the fine products from our Kiwi Made Wholesalers, including Battledrop; Get Hooked; Hunting Cloudz; Jedi Juices; Joe's Cloud House; Jubby's Juices; PJ Vapes; Vape Force; and others.

Did you, or someone you know get to go to Vape Day in Auckland?  It was magic.  Our first time vending, and we had a blast :D

So what about all the hardware (or lack thereof) I hear you ask.  We'll we've been working on it slowly with our friends at other vendors.  We don't always have the big budget for the newest and flashiest of the new hardware, but we've been progressing well toward importing reasonably priced hardware and getting a reasonable variety in store.  As we all know, new doesn't always mean quality.  So a good solid tank or mod, with interchangeable parts that can be easily repaired with a proven track record of reliability, is much more important to us.

When we buy hardware, we always try and think ahead.  For example, the Eleaf Ello TS, is capable of using SMOK TFV8 Baby coils, meaning you have twice the opportunity to find replacement coils no matter where you travel.

We've also found the iCare 2 to be a reliable and easy to use/maintain starter kit.  With replaceable coils, replaceable tanks and inbuilt battery, it solves many of the beginner issues in a single pack.

To cater to the more discerning or advanced Vaper, we've gotten in some great quality RDA's and Higher Wattage mods.

We've listened, and will continue to listen to all of the suggestions you all give us.  You are our livelihood; our friends; our family.

Thank you so much for your support and friendship.  We never would have made it to a full 12 months without your help.

You're awesome!

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