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Have you ever wanted to get notified whenever we have a sale?  Want to know what products are on special?  Perhaps you're looking for a little help to find just the right new Juice.

We've collaborated with JCurve to bring you an all in one Android Application!


What can this app do for you?

  • App Exclusive Discounts!
  • App Exclusive Sales!
  • App Exclusive Products!
  • In app Wish List!
  • New Product and Sale Notifications!
  • Direct Sales and Support Chat!
  • In app Checkout!
  • In app Searches!
  • In app News & Updates!
  • In app Coil Calculator!*
  • In app Ejuice/Nicotine Calculator!*
  • In app Ohm's Law Calculator!*
  • Much more to come!


* permission provided to Miasma courtesy of steam-engine.org. All calculators remain the property of Lars Simonsen


So how do I get it?

Option 1:

Add this product to your cart and process it through the checkout.  Don't worry, it's completely free!

You'll then be presented with a download link at the checkout, and also emailed a copy of the link to download the apk file for installation.

Option 2:

Sometimes people don't want to go through checkouts, or the emails accidentally go to the spam folder.

In either case, you can click the banner at the bottom of the page, and you will be presented with a direct download.


Why isn't it on the Google Play store?

Google don't play nice with any application that they think promotes sales of 'unhealthy' products, such as Alcohol; Tobacco, or eCigarettes.

We tried, but unfortunately, they rejected it.

But that's ok!  We were well aware that this might happen, so we'll just give you the application directly!


Can't you post it somewhere else, like Aptoide or APKPure?

Yes, that was a possibility, but if we do, we run the risk of Google disabling the installation of our app all together.

JCurve have been very helpful with providing feedback and advice on what we should and should not do, to keep our customers, our application, and our business safe and productive.


When I try and install the app, it says I need to enable installing from unknown sources.  What's going on?

Because the application is not coming directly from the Google Play store, it cannot be verified by Google.  This means it is an 'unknown source'.

If you want to install the application, you will need to enable 'unknown sources', at least temporarily, to allow the installation to proceed.

You can safely disable it again after installation is complete.


But doesn't that mean the app is unsafe?

Not at all! It only means that the source of the application cannot be verified.  We would never endorse an unsafe application.

There is no hidden bad stuff inside the application, and we invite you to scan it with your virus scanners etc, and see for yourself.

If you have any concerns at all, we would love to hear from you.



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