Steam Shark Wire - Kanthal - Fancy

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Are you a builder?  Do you like to try out different coils on your RDA without the massive cost of pre-coiled packs?

Steam Shark has built a reputation for great quality at reasonable prices. We even use it ourselves, for our personal builds!

Fancy wires are great for the flavor junky.  While cloud chasers tend to use clean wires for their massive output, Flavor Junkies tend to want the most amount of body and general flavor possible.  Fancy wires create extra body, while maintaining the top and low ends of flavor, a more satisfying overall experience.

There is a tradeoff, in that you wll have to clean your coils more often, and re wick more frequently.  For the flavor junky, it's well worth it :)

Why not give it a try?  You wont be disappointed.

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